Startup Health Announces Second Class Of Healthcare Transformers [TCTV]

Startup Health first announced Round One of its startup academy roster in March. There were ten different companies, ranging from a device that made it possible to conduct high-risk pregnancy at home to an online service that keeps all your family’s medical records in one place. Today, the incubator has added 12 more startups to the list, bringing the total to 22.

StartUp Health is different from many incubators in that companies enrolled in the program stay there for three years, taking the startup from the idea phase all the way to maturation. The program also includes various workshops and courses (in person) to make sure that each company has exactly what it needs to be successful.

Considering that the healthcare industry is highly regulated and slow to adapt, it only makes sense that an incubator fostering innovation in the sector would give more time, and more guidance, than the average consumer-facing accelerator.

Joining Startup Health, in no particular order, are the following companies:

  • Avado: A relationship management tool that facilitates communication between doctor and patient.
  • Beyond Lucid Technologies: The first electronic patient care record system built specifically for disaster management, including integrated satellite-based GPS that works both online and offline, to help aid first responders like Firemen and EMTs.
  • CakeHealth: A free web service that makes managing and understanding healthcare expenses entirely transparent.
  • CarePlanners: A service that helps you understand the world of healthcare, offering immediate assistance from experts and tools for the long-term.
  • CareLinx: An online network that helps users and organizations find, screen, manage and pay in-home caregivers, by matching them up with patients based on needs and budget.
  • Chemotopia: An app that helps patients prepare for, and get through, every stage of chemotherapy cancer treatment.
  • Docphin: A platform for healthcare providers to personalize, share, and connect through medical research, while enabling hospitals to meet new accreditation and funding requirements.
  • Empower Interactive: A telehealth and e-learning company that aims to reduce the cost and accessibility of behavioral health solutions and transform evidence-based psychotherapy.
  • Greatist: A web site that aggregates and provides trusted social content to help you make better choices about your health, wellness, and overall fitness.
  • Medikly: A turnkey enterprise platform provider that helps bridge the digital gap between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers.
  • Rip Road: An app that offers personalized patient health management programs enabling doctors and other healthcare providers to engage patients on their mobile devices so that patients learn to communicate with their providers, actively manage their health conditions, and adhere to their treatments and health regimens.
  • Truth On Call: A mobile market research service that engages with verified physicians in real-time via text, facilitating better communication between healthcare providers, the media, and the government.