Apple Search Engine Reveals Product News Before Today’s Event: iPhone 5, New iPods, New iTunes Confirmed

Apple’s search engine is mistakenly revealing the details of today’s Apple news announcements in advance of today’s press event where it’s been expected Apple will announce new iPhones. As spotted first by the folks at 9to5, a search for “iPhone-5” on Apple’s website indicates that is, indeed, what’s happening today. And yep, it looks like they’re calling it the iPhone 5, not “the new iPhone.” We’ve also found a link that indicates a new version of iTunes is being announced as well, again confirming rumors.

The search results also point to a new iPod Touch and iPod Nano, which is less exciting in our opinion, but still worth noting.

To be clear, none of the links are live right now. They are instead appearing as placeholders for the press releases, which will be pushed after the products are officially announced on stage. In other words, there aren’t any juicy details yet about what features, specifically, these products will include.

While none of the products are a surprise at this point – all of these items were well-documented rumors in advance of today’s news – it’s bizarre to find that a company so devoted to secrecy would goof up like this. But hey, everyone’s human, I guess. Even the folks at Apple.

Update: Yep, iPhone has LTE too. Wow, just wow.

Image credit: 9to5, Apple

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