The Hackathon Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Sleep

The Hackathon never sleeps, and neither do the hackers. Just like the Disrupt NY 2012 Hackathon, and the San Francisco Hackathon before it, this year’s bunch of coders are up and at ’em, ready to disrupt… well, anything.

Surveying the San Francisco Design Center, you’ll find a lot of empty red bull cans, beer bottles, and bags of chips. It’s not necessarily the most nutritional sustenance, but tonight, it’s the lifeblood of our beloved hackers.

We’ve seen some pretty incredible success stories come out of our Hackathons, including Docracy and GroupMe, to name a few. And I have pretty high hopes for this batch, especially considering that we have 36 API sponsors, like Ford, AT&T and Nokia.

Naturally, there are massage chairs set up, as well as a fun little game of Lazer Tag, and all the beverages/snacks a coder could ever hope for. The only thing these developers are short on is time. There are less than twelve hours left — we’re just crossing past the halfway mark — before they have one minute to present on our Disrupt stage.