Rise And Shine! Scenes From Morning At The Disrupt SF Hackathon [TCTV]

It was a long and trying night here at the San Francisco Design Center Concourse, but after it all, the sun did rise in San Francisco this morning, bringing in a new day for the scores of programmers at the Disrupt SF 2012 Hackathon. Gallons of coffee and hundreds of bagels (the latter were provided by the kind peeps at Cloudflare) fueled the last feverish minutes of work for the hackers putting the finishing touches on their brand new apps.

TechCrunch TV’s John Murillo and I were on hand to film the last 15 minutes of the Hackathon before the teams were required to submit their apps for on-stage presentations. Watch the video embedded above to see who stayed up all night, who snuck home for some sleep, and lots of footage of last minute hacking.

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