Loic Le Meur Tells All About Seesmic’s Long And Winding Road To An Exit [TCTV]

Loic Le Meur, the French entrepreneur who moved to Silicon Valley to found Seesmic back in 2007 and led it through to its sale to Hootsuite this week, has taken a long and winding road to this most recent success. Over the past five years Le Meur has changed the business direction of Seesmic more times than he can remember, moves that have led him to be pegged by some as the “king of the pivot.”

There’s obviously lots to talk about here, so it was great to have Le Meur stop by TechCrunch TV yesterday, just one day after TechCrunch broke the news of Seesmic’s sale, to have a conversation about all that’s happened over the past five years and what’s on deck for the future. Le Meur tells us he will not be moving to Hootsuite full-time, but will be shepherding his team through the transition. Otherwise, he will continue to work on expanding his very successful Le Web conference series — and is already brainstorming on new startup ideas.

Watch the video embedded above to watch our conversation in full.