You’ve Been Served: OpenTable Reaches 15 Million Review Milestone

If you’re booking reservations at restaurants, you know that OpenTable is an extremely viable option to do so. In fact, I use OpenTable quite often. Once in a while I’ll review my experience, and I’m apparently not alone.

Today, the company announced that it has reached a pretty epic milestone: 15 million reviews. While it doesn’t mean that all of the reviews are good or bad, it does mean that the system OpenTable has in place has fostered an environment where diners are willing to share their thoughts.

Here’s what Ann Shepherd, Senior Vice President of Marketing at OpenTable, had to say:

Since we launched our reviews program in 2008, restaurant reviews have become an integral part of the dining experience. For a growing number of people, the experience of dining out now starts with consulting our trusted online consumer reviews to find the perfect spot and culminates with writing a review that will benefit others. The beauty of this virtuous cycle is that it benefits both our diner community and restaurant customers.

As with any large company milestone, an infographic was created to commemorate, and illustrate, the event:

With Yelp baked into iOS 6 and foursquare upping its game when it comes to working with venues directly, the review market is at an all-time boiling point. Plus, if you throw Google into the mix, with its Google+ Local functionality, every company wants to know how your grub was. And your thoughts mean dollars.