AT&T Opens A Swanky 10,000 Sq. Ft. Flagship Store In Chi-Town

Today, AT&T opened up its 10,000 square foot flagship retail store on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. It’s a bit of a beast, with an 18-foot Connect Wall that displays news and product info to everyone in the store and in the street.

But despite all the cool technology (and trust me, there’s plenty), AT&T is really looking to have more of connection with its consumers. When you walk into any carrier store, the phone usually comes first. Samsung, Apple, and Motorola come to mind — not AT&T. But the blue carrier is looking to remedy that.

The store has a Microsoft Surface table so that consumers can familiarize themselves with various apps. There’s also a Street Smart section, complete with a Nissan Leaf, which makes customers aware of AT&T’s safe driving products, along with an in-store retail demo area of AT&T’s home automation services and products.

But the tech isn’t just for the consumers. Employees will use biometric technology to open cabinet locks for cash drawers and IT systems using their fingerprints.

Check out the video below for a better look:

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