Gets To Know Users, Vendors Better With New Features: My Style And My Portfolios

In the newly crowded wedding space, has found a way to not only make money but also connect brides and grooms with the best possible vendors for their wedding. If you have yet to dabble on the platform, it’s much like a Pinterest for brides, offering a curated imagery-based interface to market wedding bloggers and vendors while helping brides plan for the big day.

But founder Kellee Khalil had a broader vision for the startup: to become a bride’s one-stop recommendation platform. And that’s just what has done.

The platform just got a brand new feature called My Style, which takes into account all of the user’s “loved” and “bundled” items to recommend more excellent products, ideas, venues, etc.

But any entrepreneur knows that pleasing the vendor/merchant side of your business is just as important as delighting consumers, and so has added a new My Portfolios tab. This allows vendors (photographers, bakers, florists, etc.) to create a centralized page showing off all their wares.

Users can then bundle vendors, or love them, if they find a specific cake maker that calls out to them. Just like with’s other brand partners, users can book vendors through their portfolio page. has also added a handful of new brand partners, so if you’re getting married (or wish you were), head on over to the website and check it out.

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