Google May Soon Give Chromebook Users 100 GB Of Free Google Drive Storage

Google’s browser-centric Chromebooks have now found their way into your local big-box electronic store and they seem to be a hit with schools, but there is little evidence that mainstream users are warming up to Google’s ChromeOS devices. Nevertheless, the company is pressing on with this program and now it looks like Google has a nice perk for ChromeOS users up its sleeve that could make Chromebooks a bit more palatable for mainstream users. Google+ user Francois Beaufort (tip of the hat to Chromestory) recently noticed a few lines in Google’s source code for ChromeOS that seem to indicate that Google is about to give Chromebook owners 100 GB of free online storage on Google Drive.

Currently, Google charges everybody $4.99/month for this amount of storage. For Chromebook users, however, storage is obviously a more pressing issue than for others, given that Google only puts a minuscule amount of on-board storage on these cloud-centric devices. It’s unusual to see a laptop with less than 500 GB of storage on the market today and Samsung’s newest Chromebooks only have 16 GB of on-board storage.

It’s worth noting, too, that Google has been rather generous with its online storage promotions recently. The company is also giving a terabyte of Google Drive storage to its first Google Fiber subscribers in Kansas City.