AOL Autos Partners With CarWoo! To Let Users Negotiate With Local Dealerships Anonymously

Buying a car is usually a pretty awful experience. Browsing may be fun, but once it comes time to sign on the dotted line you end up having to do a lot of research, a lot of paperwork, and it’s expensive to boot.

This is what makes services like CarFax so disruptive. And today, a brand new partnership between AOL Autos and CarWoo! should also simplify the process of finding the right car for you.

AOL Autos already works as a hub to let you search for vehicles based on filters. With the addition of CarWoo!’s platform, however, users will now have access to a Best Offers section of the site. Within this “Best Offers” section, users will see deals from over 10,000 local dealers.

This will allow potential buyers to see prices in their specific area before walking into a dealership and trying to negotiate.

The CarWoo! platform has long supported anonymous communication directly with dealerships, and now that same functionality will come to AOL Autos.

This comes straight on the heels of Choose Control on the AOL Autos web site.

(Editorial Note: Full disclosure, Aol owns us.)