Cedexis Improves Its Openmix Load Balancer To Boost Video Content Delivery

Cedexis, a startup that focuses on helping companies optimize their websites’ performance by using a multi-cloud approach, just announced a new version of its Openmix service that optimizes video content delivery on the Internet. Cedexis monitors the real-time performance of content delivery networks (CDNs) and cloud providers and helps its customers choose which networks to use. Using its Openmix load-balancing solution, Cedexis’ users don’t have to manually choose which providers to choose for delivering their content to their users. Openmix automatically picks the CDN or cloud provider that can get the data to a site’s visitors the fastest. Now, after previously focusing mostly on basic web content, Openmix also helps companies improve their video streaming solutions by using real-time throughput measurements to choose the optimal hosting and delivery provider.

Until now, the service mostly focused on measuring response times. For video streaming, though, response time isn’t necessarily the most important factor. Instead, being able to deliver constant (and high) throughput rates is far more important.

By giving priority to CDNs with high instantaneous throughput levels with the help of Openmix, MassMotionMedia, for example, says that it is now able to distribute 5% more HD videos than before. Even more importantly, though, this solution can help content producers ensure that their data arrives without interruption. “We know that 81% of users stop watching a video when it’s buffering,” says Cedexis co-founder Julien Coulon. “Such high drop-off rates are just not tolerable anymore for content editors.”

Cedexis focuses on ensuring that sites work well across the globe. Openmix currently runs in 48 data centers that are distributed around the world and every time a customers hits one of Cedexis’ users’ servers, it decides how to best route the data.

The company, which has offices in Portland, San Francisco, London and Paris, has been measuring the performance of hosting companies, CDNs and cloud providers since its launch in 2009. It was one of the first companies to focus on multi-cloud strategies and currently has about 250 customers (mostly in Europe), including well-known brands like Dailymotion, Canal+, LeMonde, Volkswagen and Yves Rocher. Its target industries are global brands, media companies, retailers, hosting and Saas Providers, as well as travel companies.