Is This A Thing? A Business Man Carries iPad In His Pants Through Grand Central Station

Every morning, my lovely girlfriend walks through Grand Central Station in New York City on her way to work, and every morning, she sees something odd. Such is the nature of living in the Big Apple.

This happened: she saw a man — a regular dude in slacks and a button-down — carrying his iPad in his butt.

Witness the horror.

Admittedly, there’s very little news value to this story, but I have to wonder, is this a “thing”? An iPad easily fits in a bag, and there are plenty of covers that include handles, allowing you to carry the tablet like a briefcase. But to a New York straphanger, perhaps this isn’t accessible enough. Perhaps the tablet needs to be as available as the phone in your pocket, and thus the butt tuck.

My main question, if we just assume that this is acceptable behavior, is whether or not the iPad is safe. How tight are this man’s slacks to allow for a securely stowed iPad? And moreover, is it not totally sweaty and disgusting when he whips it out?

Unofficially, feel free to participate in a caption contest in the comments. There is no reward except our amusement.