Youappi Secures $1 Million To Address App Discovery And Distribution In A Chaotic Market

Youappi, the cross-platform app distribution startup which competes with Fiksu, has secured $1 million in seed funding from undisclosed Angel investors. It’s now launching its solution on Tappible, a monetization and engagement platform for mobile applications. Youappi, which is based between Israel and New York, was founded by CEO Moshe Vaknin who left to do Youappi from Todacell last month.

Youappi is trying to address the challenge of app discovery. You know the score – it’s tough to find great apps. Appsfire and others are working well on this issue, but there’s plenty more work to be done.

youAPPi analyzes the content a user is presently engaged with, the apps they have previously downloaded and their preferences, to come up with some answers. Thus it claims that among the 12,100 users who who’ve used Tappible 3,630 users – 30% – downloaded a recommended app based on their technology.

The idea is that publishers get a new revenue stream since youAPPi’s smartAPP technology is aimed at users, publishers and app developers. It covers iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems and web-enabled devices including phones, tablets, computers and TVs.

Fiksu is releasing a lot of nice data about the costs around acquiring new users for mobile apps at the moment, so it’s to be hoped Youappi will be capable of something similar when it gets going.