Google Drive Now Has 10 Million Users: Available On iOS and Chrome OS

Google has just announced over 10 million users that have signed into Google Drive, Google’s new cloud-syncing storage platform. The product only launched in April of this year, so this is quite the milestone. Clay Bavor, director of product management for Google Apps made the announcement, also mentioning that Google Drive is now available on iOS and Chrome OS.

He demoed Drive on the iPad, searching through a file full of receipts in the search box. It used optical character recognition to find the search query inside an image. But going even a step further than that, he searched for pyramid and Drive offered up saved images of the Egyptian pyramids. Offline saving and collaboration have been added to the platform, and all of that is available later today on the iPad.

Bavor also demoed Drive on the Chrome OS, showing the Drive icon in the application tray. “Everything is synced in the background in real-time.” He opened up a Google Doc via the Google Drive, which is present on other devices like his Chromebook and smartphone. But that’s not the exciting part. The best part is that Google Docs is now functional when editing offline, and available for presentations too.

Google also announced a Drive SDK version 2, which stores files created with 3rd party apps alongside everything else. He also mentioned that developers say Google Drive users are more active than others.

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