Turn Your iPhone Into A Bouncy Ball With The M-Edge iPhone SuperShell

Ok, maybe not a bouncy ball, but pretty damn close.

M-Edge came out with a SuperShell for the iPad towards the end of last year, but the idea of a bouncing iPhone seems much more appealing. The case comes in four different colors — black, blue, purple, and pink — and has a finely dimpled finish to it to help with grip.

Clearly, it’s not the slimmest case on the market, so if you’re into that minimalist thing you may want to steer clear.

At the same time, anyone who lives a rough-and-tumble life (or drops their phone more than the average bear) should consider looking into this. The corners of the case are bulkier than usual, which allows for a bounciness that you can view for yourself in the video below.

The cover is made of closed-cell foam that helps absorb shocks, and it wraps around the edges of the phone to fit securely. All ports are accessible.

If only it came in orange with black stripes we could call it the Tigger.

The M-Edge iPhone SuperShell is available now for $29.99 from the M-Edge website.