$FB Is Blowing Up On StockTwits, Too

Another startup cashing in (figuratively speaking) on the FB IPO: StockTwits. Earlier this week, the social network for investors added Facebook to its StockTwits Social Heatmap, a feature on the site that provides a visualization of what the StockTwits some 200,000 investors and traders are talking about. Usually, the heatmap looks looks like a bunch of little squares – the bigger the square means more conversation.

But today, Facebook ($FB) is dominating, even pushing fan favorite $AAPL aside.

Over the past 72 hours, StockTwits executive editor Phil Pearlman has been watching the momentum on the heatmap building up, and says the community is “simply riveted” by the Facebook IPO. (As is everyone else, everywhere.)

“From a sentiment point of view, the heatmap is a reflection of the velocity of social interest. People are obsessed and discussing the IPO like mad,” says Pearlman.

“$FB discussion was already strong and has doubled over the past 24hrs.  It is tapering a bit here and will likely go crazy again as the stock begins trading around 11, or at least that’s my best guess,” he adds.

Above is a shot of the heatmap from this morning.

As we go to post this, the FB square has shrunk down a bit, but it’s still early. Very soon, that chart might be nearly all gray.

Visualization junkies will have fun with something like this, given that the heatmap updates in real-time, reflecting the live discussions taking place on site. You can also break the chart down by past hour, last 6 hours and last 24 hours, if you’re curious. Also note that the algorithm looks at volume and influence of those discussing the stock, too.

You can join the Facebook stream here if you want to contribute (or just watch).


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