TalentSplash Is A Social Network For Finding Or Becoming The Next Lady Gaga

I live in New York City, and feel lucky for it. Every day I meet a waitress, bartender, receptionist, or Occupy Wall Street protestor who dreams of greatness. They aren’t really waitresses or receptionists; they’re creatives just waiting to see their name in lights. But the ladder to the top is a creaky, weak old thing that few survive.

And so was born TalentSplash.

It’s a social network for talent, at its core, with three main purposes.

First, artists of any kind, whether it be comedians, writers, actors, singers, film-makers, etc., can post their work to TalentSplash to be discovered and build up an audience. This includes video postings for performers, as well as photo and text posts. Artists can even post info about upcoming events they may be coordinating or featured in, or sell their guitars, photographs, or other gear.

But it’s more than a launch pad. There’s a network here, which allows agents, businesses, casting directors, or really anyone on the hunt for fresh new talent, to post listings for various gigs and comb through the different artists on the site to see who fits the look they’re going for.

Of course, these two functionalities turn the site into a type of job board for creatives, but the thing about creatives is that they need a real-life audience (a fan base, if you will) in order to build up their resume. That’s where you come in.

The average Joe can hop over to TalentSplash to discover the hottest new band or an up-and-coming star, and watch their career form from the very beginning.

Stardom is a difficult feat to achieve, as is launching a new social network. But TalentSplash seems confident that untapped artists need a dedicated, niche network to display their talent, and the site completes that task well.

Sign-up is free, so if you dream of making it to the big time, or simply want to check out the next Beyonce, head on over to TalentSplash.com and check it out.