ShareBuds: One Headphone Jack, Four Ear Buds, Music For Everyone

We’ve all been there.

You’re listening to a song on your iPod (or iPhone or whatever) as you walk up to meet your friend and you want them to hear it, too. You pop your right earbud into their ear and bop along awkwardly together. But is your friend really enjoying the music? Are you?

The song is only half as good as it should be, which is exactly why ShareBuds exist.

They are a a pair of headphone sets that connect under one 3.5mm headphone jack. So the idea is that you can plug into your mp3 player, or really anything with a 3.5mm audio-output jack and listen along with a friend. The sound quality on them isn’t amazing or anything, but they solve a problem.

I can think of at least ten examples where ShareBuds would have come in handy. One would be the time that my boss John took me on a road trip with his family to visit startups in DC. His kids, Kasper and Milla, were in the back and wanted to watch Netflix. Meanwhile, John was listening to his own music in the front seat, and I had my own music in my headphones. Luckily, we had a set of ShareBuds for the kids to pop in and get their Tangled on.

Or, remember that one time that Jim and Pam from The Office had their “first date?” They had dinner on the roof, and then as they left, Pam asked to listen to Jim’s music. They shared — one earbud per person. But wouldn’t it be cute if, at that pivotal moment, they could both listen to his song at its full potential?

Of course, you can always hop over to Amazon and buy a 3.5mm splitter for $1.50.