Car Wars – BlablaCar And Carpooling Both Release New iPhone Apps

BlablaCar, a European carpooling marketplace that connects any driver who has empty seats with paying passengers, has now launched its iPhone app in the UK. The app connects drivers who have spare seats with paying passengers. At the same time its competitor will release its new app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch this week.

BlablaCar’s app features the ability to post a trip then add the number of available seats and price per passenger. You can find a ride, message other travellers, rate your fellow travellers. Members also specify how “chatty” they are by choosing either “Bla”, “Blabla” or “Blablabla”; hence the name BlablaCar…

Munich-based says it moves over 1 million people each month in 5,000 cities and 45 countries across Europe. Key new features of its app include messaging, online booking, search for rides, and payment with Paypal.

Both BlablaCar and Carpooling are similar to GoCarShare in the UK, and to U.S.-based startup Ridejoy and ZimRide, which also aims to be a carpooling marketplace.

Blablacar raised $10 million back in January taking total funding to $12.5 million and rolled up competitors. It now operates in Italy, Spain and the UK and has over 400,000 drivers among its members.