I’ve Finally Found The Perfect iPhone Case: The Cygnett Icon

One of the best things about the iPhone is its design. It’s beautiful — slim, sleek, and finished in piano black with a hint of brushed aluminum. Sometimes I just stare at it.

But there’s a big problem: the iPhone is less than durable. It loses in almost every drop test, and will shatter the first time it slips out of your hands. The answer of course is a great case, but most of them ruin the beautiful shape and size of the phone, covering it with grubby rubber or scratched-up metal or cheapo plastic. It effectively ruins one of the greatest selling points of the phone, and it’s always pissed me off to be quite frank with you.

But the other day I found my dream case, and I couldn’t stop myself from telling you about it.

It’s the Cygnett Icon Art series case, which I stole from my boss John. And it’s perfect.

To start, the case fits against the iPhone so closely that the size and shape of the device is not even barely compromised. The case itself is super thin, and it pops on easily and stays there.

I’ve found that many iPhone cases that snap on (as opposed to being two parts connecting, or a rubber case that you slide the phone into) are actually kind of dangerous for the phone. My old Speck case made me nervous every time I took it off the phone, and the instructions even confirmed that if I didn’t do it the right way, I may damage the volume buttons.

Then there’s the material that the Cygnett Icon case is made of. It’s a plastic case, but it’s finished with a rubberized coating that is super soft to the touch. I sometimes find people who borrow my phone simply petting it, and I pet it too. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s a step up from the glossy iPhone paneling.

Last but certainly not least, the Cygnett Icon case performs well. Most cases that don’t have a significant ridge around the screen tend to fail. I’ve shattered enough iPhones to know this. But I’ve dropped my precious while it was wearing the Icon enough times to be confident when I say that you won’t damage your phone when it’s in this case.

John is also using a Cygnett on his iPhone 4S: the Urban Shield. His phone also maintains the shape and size, and his offers even more protection according to the website. But when I’m already fully protected by my Icon, I don’t feel all that jealous.