Pinterest Revamps Profile Pages: Streamlined Content, Cleaner Interface, New Board Layout

We sort of saw this coming, given the fact that Ben Silbermann said so at SXSW, but Pinterest has just revamped its profile pages. Those of you familiar with the hottest new social network will know that profile pages originally displayed all of your boards, their titles, with thumbnails of each pin in every board. It got the job done to be sure, but was also pretty simple.

Today, all that changes. If you meander on over to Pinterest, where you’ll likely spend more than an hour of your life pinning, liking, and browsing in general, you’ll notice that if you click on an individual user, things look a bit different.

A profile picture is displayed nice and big on the top left, and most of what you’d originally find on the left-hand side bar has now been pushed front and center. It makes the content itself the center of attention. Next to your profile picture, you’ll also find a user description and contact info, along with people you’ve repinned. On the top left, users can check out the number of boards you have, your pin count, along with likes and other activity.

The boards themselves have also changed. No longer are you looking at nine little thumbnails, but rather a larger image of one of your pins, with thumbnails down below for the rest.

To be honest, it reminds me a lot of Facebook Timeline profile pages. Something about the way that Pinterest is resizing pinned images, leaving some large and the others small, is subtly reminiscent of Facebook post-timeline. Designer Justin Edmunds has previous experience designing for “identity”, as is the case with profile pages, after working with Foundation, a web app that lets artists and designers create online porfolios.

As previously mentioned, we have been expecting fresh profile pages since Silbermann teased them last week. But this roll out was much quicker than I’d imagined. Perhaps that iPad app we’ve heard about will show its face sooner rather than later.

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