Gilt Gives The Ultimate Auto Deal For Christmas: $10,000 Off A Jetta

It looks like you’ll soon be able to shop for cars on flash sales sites. Gilt Groupe has just announced a first-ever auto flash sale of a Volkswagen Jetta on the site.

Beginning on Wednesday of this week, Gilt will sell 3 brand new 2011 Jettas to members at $5,995, which is down from a starting list price of $15,995. The company says the flash sale will take place over three days, signifying the first car sale on a flash sales site.

One interesting twist to the sale is that on Wednesday it will only be available on Gilt’s mobile apps, which include offerings for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. On Thursday and Friday of this week, Gilt will extend the sale to its website.

Part of the proceeds from the Jettas sold will be donated to the charity Dress for Success and members who attempt to buy the car will also be given some sort of deal/coupon that can be used at Volkswagen dealerships.

The idea of selling cars through a flash sales model is definitely compelling; though I’m curious how much money Gilt and the auto maker pockets from the sales. This could also be a good way for eBay to apply a flash sales model to its popular car sale site eBay Motors.