Empire Avenue Revamps Interface, Adds Google+ Scoring

Empire Avenue, while a great service, has been a bit confusing. In fact, the idea itself can kind of boggle the mind — users build up their personal brands via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, and allow people to buy and sell virtual shares of human beings. Users can also turn the value of their web-based contributions into actual revenue by tapping into an advertising platform used by the startup to deliver relevant and targeted ads, while buying and selling virtual shares in any other user is free.

It’s actually pretty nifty once you get it, but reaching that point of understanding can be difficult. That’s why Empire Avenue has relaunched with a brand new interface, which is meant to make things easier to use and more straight-forward.

The first in a variety of improvements comes by way of content visualization and engagement. The new version has a tile-based interface, allowing you to reply and retweet tweets, comment on Facebook content, enjoy a YouTube video or two, explore new blog posts, tap into Instragram and more. Oh, and you never have to leave Empire Avenue.

“Missions” have also been revamped, allowing content creators to reward their audiences for viewing and engaging with online profiles. Perhaps this means commenting on a post or rating a YouTube video.

But if Empire Avenue really wants to be the social stock market (which it does), then it can’t continue on without integrating the Crunchie award-winning Google+. Luckily, Google+ scoring has been added to the service, joining forces with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, WordPress, and various blogs.

If you feel like checking out the new and improved Empire Avenue, check it out here.