Alltel Wireless Taps Nuance To Power Voice2Text Voicemail Transcription Service

Alltel Wireless, a Little Rock, Ark.-based carrier that serves six states, has today announced that it will use Nuance’s Dragon Voicemail to Text transcription to power its own Voice2Text service.

The service will basically let users read their voicemails straight from their inbox, rather than waiting through voice prompts and having to sit through a message. The beauty is that once a voicemail is transcribed, you no longer feel the need to call the person back. Simply respond to the text and save both parties a little talk time.

Dragon voice recognition technology has been used all over the place. For one, it’s the technology behind Siri, but Dragon is also used for voice dictation in Swype virtual keyboard and Nuance recently launched its own Dragon TV offering, letting you speak commands into the television.

Currently, you can sign up for the Voice2Text service with a free 60-day trial. After that, the service costs $2.99 a month.