Nokia Discontinues Ovi Share Service, Users Have Until March 30 To Retrieve Content

Nokia today announced that it would discontinue its Ovi Share service. Ovi Share is a web service used by Nokia to host users’ content, but with the push toward the Windows Phone platform over at Nokia it makes sense that the company would choose to consolidate its core services.

Users of Ovi Share will have until May 30 to retrieve their content from the service, at which point all of the content will be no longer accessible. Users can download the entirety of their content through a Zip file, or pick and choose certain files to retrieve.

It’s also worth noting that users will not be able to upload content to the service after March 13, so if you’re a Share user we recommend nipping this in the bud. There’s no reason to continue using the service for an extra two weeks, and it’s best to just get all your stuff before you forget it’s there.