Wish Your Droid Razr Had Maxx Battery Life? It Can!

When the Droid Razr Maxx first arrived I was filled with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I was truly excited that Motorola found a way to make the Razr a plausible option — the original battery life on that thing is atrocious. On the other hand, I felt bad for the folks who went out and bought a Razr only to have an (almost) identical device with twice the battery life land a couple months later.

But it turns out there may be a solution for you Razr owners after all. A senior member over at the XDA Developers forum has figured a way to slap a Razr Maxx battery and battery door onto the Razr, significantly improving battery life. But be warned, this is a rather dangerous mod with potentially devastating consequences, so do plenty of reading before you move forward and proceed with caution.

According to Wardo5757, the wizard who discovered this, putting the Maxx battery into the Razr leaves a little gap where the SIM card door and cover are. Both the Razr and the Razr Maxx are meant to have splash proof builds and be generally more rugged than other high-end smartphones, but after the mod chances are you’ll need to be a bit more careful around water and dust.

But the pros seem to far outweigh the cons. In my review, I found that the Razr Maxx lasted eight hours and fifteen minutes compared to just four and a half hours with the Razr. That’s almost twice the battery life.

More images and access to Wardo5757 can be found here. And if you decide to try it let us know how it goes, or if there’s anything else we should know.

Happy tinkering, everyone.