mBlox Launches New Cloud-Based Mobile Marketing Platform: Engage

You rarely ever hear someone say, “boy, I sure did enjoy that mobile ad.” In fact, it’s rare to hear someone say they enjoyed any ad unless it’s around Super Bowl time. But I hold firmly to the belief that the only reason we don’t really enjoy ads is because, most of the time, they aren’t under our control.

Relevancy and context are the most important factors when it comes to delivering an ad, and mBlox is aware of this. So in an effort to help brands solidify their relationships to consumers, mBlox has launched a cloud-based system called Engage, which offers real-time location-based analytics and reporting.

Engage works with mobile apps and asks for opt-in consent with the user. mBlox believes there are three things a brand needs to do when interacting with a consumer: “respect, refresh, and refine.” Asking for consent from the user is just hitting on the first of those pillars, but likely the most important one. The platform also has the ability to automatically respond to a consumer interaction, like by adding or removing a limited offer once the time frame has expired.

In another gesture of “respect,” Engage tries to push content to the device through WiFi rather than over a data connection to help users out with their battery life and their bills. In fact, Engage will only push content if your battery can handle it in the first place.

And since it runs in the cloud, brands can be sure they’re seeing real-time metrics on how consumers are interacting with their content, and just as quickly tailor said content to be as effective as possible. Brands also have the ability to wake up their app while it’s asleep, check location of the user, and trigger content based on location or time. Brands can also pre-load content to be delivered at a specified time or location, or sync with other mBlox commerce platforms do perform in-app transactions.