Pixloo Helps You Sell Your Home With Free Virtual Tours, Exports To Zillow, Trulia & More

In December, Eric covered Open Home Pro, a startup that lets realtors sell homes via their iPads. Today, there comes a similar effort from Pixloo, except this service is designed for use by anyone – realtors and homeowners alike. With Pixloo, you can upload information about your home, including text, photos and even videos and then immediately export that data to major real estate sites including Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and others, all for free.

OK, technically, Pixloo is freemium. The pricing tiers depend on whether you need one virtual tour, the number of exports per tour and access to statistics, among other things. For just one tour and five exports per tour, however, it’s free. And that will be good enough for many folks. The other paid tiers are $9/month (Pro) or $24/month (Premium). TechCrunch readers can use the coupon code “TECHCRUNCH” for a free Pro account. 

For those that need it, the startup can provide customers with an MLS # for $399, which is what’s required to export to the realtor-friendly sites like Realtor.com, RealEstateBook.com, Homes.com, or AOL or Google Real Estate, for example. (Disclosure: TechCrunch is owned by AOL).

But homeowners selling their homes themselves have the option of exporting to the sites mentioned above (Trulia, Zillow) as well as to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, Pixloo is available worldwide, thanks to some support for localized sites. However, the majority of the focus at present is on the U.S. market.

Since the startup’s soft launch just three weeks ago, it’s already signed up over 500 customers before even seeing press. People found the site just by searching for keywords like “virtual tours,” for example – and apparently liked what they found.

Pixloo is currently bootstrapping, according to co-founder John Rampton, who has previous experience in this vertical thanks to time spent with real estate virtual tour company Obeo. Pixloo’s co-founders Mark Higbee and designer John McCann keep a low profile.

Although still a small team, the company has big plans to expand Pixloo’s offerings, and claims to be adding new export locations at a rate of one per day. The company also hopes to delve deeper into value-added services in the future, including things like text messages about new listings, mobile support, assistance in connecting homeowners with good realtors, and partnerships with sites like Zillow to help homeowners determine what their house may be worth.

To try Pixloo for yourself, head over here to sign up.