Can’t Get Facebook’s SEC Filing To Load? Good News, We Have It Here

Since we were getting a little frustrated with the slow-loading, totally crashing website, we decided to do everyone around here a favor. We made a PDF of the filing and posted it publicly on Scribd instead. Now, there’s a very good chance that this might just crash Scribd too, but for some reason, we’re thinking Scribd can handle the traffic better and scale to support the extra clicks better than the SEC. (Fingers crossed).

Below is the embed of the Scribd document.

Here you go:

[scribd id=80167758 key=key-q8h6jg9a1h65yzj8czd mode=list]

Update: And Scribd is down.

Update #2 (3:58 PM PT): And Scribd is back. C’mon, Scribd, you can do it!