Dealfind Expands Into Luxury Goods With “Dream Deals”

Toronto-based deal provider Dealfind is expanding into luxury goods with the launch of a new service called Dream Deals. Starting now, in addition to Dealfind’s everyday and weekly deals, customers will also get “surprise” Dream Deals, which involve deeply discounted retail goods.

As a test, the first Dream Deal actually rolled out last Tuesday without warning, offering customers an authentic Louis Vuitton “Speedy” handbag for $80.00, shipping and taxes included. The six bags sold out in nine minutes. Curious customers wanted to know what was going on, prompting Dealfind Co-founder Gary Lipovestsy to head into the comments section for the deal to explain that, yes, the bag was real, and that this was start of new service called Dream Deals.

These Dream Deals will appear on the site randomly at various times throughout the week, offering products that will be 80%-95% off regular retail prices. The deals will involve consumer electronics items, accessories, clothing and other popular retail goods. Like any flash sales site, Dream Deals’ quantities will be limited and deals will sell out quickly.

For this reason, Dealfind customers who only follow the site via daily emails won’t be likely to get in on the action. The only way to track the surprise deals is via social media – including the Dealfind Twitter accounts and Facebook fan page. (Or you could get lucky and spot the deal as you’re browsing the website.)

Dealfind is now operating in 71 U.S. and Canadian markets, and has sold more than 1.8 million vouchers since 2010 for a savings of over $430 million. The company has been busily rolling out new features in recent weeks, including instant deals (“Everyday Deals“) and mobile apps, both of which arrived in December.

In May 2011, Dealfind was ranked  as the third largest deal provider in North America by North American Daily Deal Media, which tracks data from over 500 deal websites.