Watch Our Third And Final Day Of Live CES Coverage Here

It’s day three of CES, and our last one here. The show goes on for one more day, but we’re taking off, since after today we’ll have gone through all the major sections of the show. Day one was the central hall, with the major CE companies’ building-sized “booths,” then day two was the cavernous south hall, populated with smaller vendors. Now we’re off to the north hall, where we’ll find car tech, health gadgets, and tons of accessories for the devices many of us have. Live coverage starts at 9:30!

And in the afternoon, we’ll be starting things off with a nice hot shave. Yes, you read that correctly. Schick wants us to come by their booth and get a hot shave. Then we’ll be hitting some of the booths we missed on the first go round.

If you have any requests, questions, or just want to talk at us, use @techcrunch and #CESCrunch and we’ll see it right away.