iHeartRadio Launches Developer API

Clear Channel’s streaming radio service, iHeartRadio, is launching its developer program today, which includes an API that allows third parties to integrate iHeartRadio’s content and services into their own products, websites and applications.

iHeartRadio now offers over 850 radio stations across the U.S. from 150 cities. With the new API, developers can access several of the service’s features, including its live broadcast and digital-only stations, its “custom stations” feature and social media integration.

With the custom radio option, users can make their own stations in a similar fashion to Pandora. In iHeartRadio’s case, stations are customized based on favorite songs, artists or genres. 11 million songs are available on the service along with a “discovery slider,” which lets users opt for more discovery or more familiar tunes, depending on their mood.

In the brand showcase, now live on the iHeartRadio developer site, the company lists big names like Xbox 360, Toyota Entune, Yahoo TV and Grace Digital as partners who are already using the iHeartRadio API in their own products and services.

iHeartRadio isn’t the only streaming service attempting to build a music platform – everyone is. MOG’s API is now allowing auto and consumer electronics makers to integrate the service into their products, Pandora is notably found everywhere from cars to refrigerators, Spotify has a newly-launched app platform, and Rdio has an API, just to name a few.