Georgia Tech’s Flashpoint Accelerator Graduates Its First Class Of Startups

Flashpoint, a startup accelerator program based at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia, just had its first Demo Day at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. The newly launched incubator follows the typical format for programs like this, offering seed funding, mentorship, support, shared workspace and more, in return for a 6% share of the startup.

This accelerator is especially interested in investing in early stage startups in the technology, medical device and biotech industries. With its $1 million fund, the organization typically provides between $15,000 and $25,000 in funding to the companies accepted into the program. The first Demo Day saw over a dozen in the graduating class, including one which already received funding from Andreessen Horowitz pre-launch.

The complete list of new companies presenting today includes the following:

  • Badgy: provides a Social SEO platform for digital marketers and consumer brands that increases the ROI of social media marketing.
  • Billfold: Billing system for web hosts. Its SaaS offering combines drastically improved security, extensive automation, and a powerful user interface to save customers time, money and stress.
  • BISmark: Provides business intelligence software for home routers.
  • CodeGuard: A Time Machine for websites that backs them up to the cloud, and lets users roll back to previous versions.
  • CollectorDash: Delivers integrated community marketplace and commerce platform.
  • eCommHub: Web-based fulfillment platform for online stores that don’t keep their own inventory, but rely on third-party vendors, distributors, suppliers, or fulfillment centers.
  • IdeaString: Offers social business software to increase the speed and reduce the cost of innovation and business optimization by transforming the expertise, passion and knowledge of internal and external networks into actionable opportunities.
  • Lucena Research: Provides hedge fund technology to retail investors. Its web-based decision support software enables traders to find market opportunities and reduce risk in their portfolios.
  • N4MD: Provides a content aggregation publishing platform that empowers corporate communicators to “automagically” blend local news, social media and corporate content into e-books and Flipboard-like e-magazines for niche audiences within their organization.
  • Pindrop Security has developed technology that hopes to stem the growing problem of phone fraud. Its patent-pending solution identifies key attributes of any phone call including the device used, call path and geographic point-of-origin to create a unique “phone fingerprint” that helps banks and financial institutions identify and isolate fraudulent calls and authenticate legitimate user phones. (This company recently received investment from Andreessen Horowitz).
  • SavingGrace: A Groupon for church fundraising, the company offers new methods of fund-raising to churches at no cost, by bringing together merchants and congregations for everyday purchases.
  • Simmer: Uses technology to help parents and teens ease conflicts at home.
  • Social Fortress: Enables enterprises with sensitive data to leverage the cloud by eliminating traditional cloud security risks.
  • Soket: A SaaS-based, customer engagement platform for local businesses that struggle to manage customer relationships online. Soket’s command center provides a single content management system to orchestrate their entire online presence – from various social networks to their own websites..
  • SportsCrunch: (No association with TechCrunch!) Gives athletes and coaches control of their online presence.
  • Trimensional: Brings 3D scanning technology to smartphones, giving consumers the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to create 3D models of their faces and other objects. Trimensional has already been the iPhone’s #1 paid photography app in 25 countries.