For Rapid Wireless Data Exchange: Toshiba Starts Shipping TransferJet LSI

TransferJet is having a hard time going mainstream, but Toshiba hasn’t given up on the close proximity wireless transfer technology yet: after taking the wraps off a small TransferJet LSI back in September last year, the company now announced it’s ready to begin shipping the first samples to electronics manufacturers.

Visitors of the CES 2012 (which kicks off on January 10 in Las Vegas) will be able to see the LSI in action at the Toshiba booth.

Sized at just 4.0×4.0× 0.5mm, the chip is designed to enable stable, quick wireless data transfer between mobile devices in particular, i.e. smartphones, tablets, or digital cameras. (TransferJet boasts a theoretically transfer speed of 560 Mbps.)

Toshiba has priced the samples at US$5 per unit and plans to produce one million chips monthly starting in Q2 of 2012.