Toshiba Shows TransferJet-Compatible LSI For Stable Wireless Data Exchange

Close proximity technology TransferJet is evolving. Toshiba has developed an LSI (pictured) that supports TransferJet and is designed specifically for mobile devices. The LSI is sized at just 4.0×4.0× 0.5mm and the smallest of its kind, according to Toshiba.

The company says the LSI achieves a receiving sensitivity of -78dBm, outperforming the value of the TransferJet standard itself (-71dBm) and making data transfer between two TransferJet-equipped devices more stable (it actually boasts the industry’s highest sensitivity).

Toshiba also squeezed an RF switch and RF circuit for TransferJet into the chip. The company expects it to be used in tablets, smartphones, notebooks, digital cameras, and similar devices.

One use case is two people exchanging contact data with their phones more easily:

Toshiba says the new chip can also make it easier to receive content from digital whiteboards, digital signage displays etc.:

The company plans to start shipping the first samples in January 2012 and begin producing one million chips monthly in the second quarter of 2012.

Via Digikame Watch [JP]