WhatsOutt Gives You The ETA On Everything

If you’re familiar with a site called VideoETA, which tells you when a movie will arrive on DVD, then you’ll get the concept behind the new website called WhatsOutt.com. It’s basically VideoETA for everything. The site keeps track of new and upcoming releases for movies coming to theaters, DVDs, books, music, and games.

Everything on WhatsOutt is organized by week, defaulting to the current week. You can also browse back to a week ago if you need to get caught up, or look ahead up to two weeks in the future. For additional convenience, there’s a mailing list feature which you can activate by hitting the big red button at the top of the page.

Each item featured on the site provides links where you can purchase, preview or pre-order. For example, movie listings link out to Fandango and Apple’s movie trailers. Links for albums go to Amazon and iTunes. Books can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Etc., etc.

The site, barely two weeks old, is a 100% bootstrapped, labor of love from Wesley Asbell, a web designer and self-confessed “startup junkie” who’s currently working at security solution provider IronKey. He said there wasn’t a resource that put everything that’s coming out on one, simple, easy-to-use website, so he made one himself.

While similar to WhatsOutt, VideoETA, ComingSoon, and others are limited in their focus on just movies and/or DVDs. Retailers, like Barnes & Noble, for example, may list new and upcoming releases for a single category (e.g. “books”). IGN does games. And so on.

But let’s face it, a lot of these standalone efforts are kinda ugly. WhatsOutt instead keeps the site pretty bare, clean and simple. Personal preference? I like it. You might too.