Genius: New App Wakes You Up Earlier If It Snowed Last Night

This is smart: a new alarm clock application for the iPhone and Android wakes you earlier if it snowed last night. Called simply, “Winter Wake-Up,” the app lets you configure its settings to wake you up earlier than your scheduled alarm depending on weather conditions, with separate settings for both “Frost” and “Snow.”

Credit where credit is due, I stumbled across the app not out of necessity (it’s 70 ° F here in Florida), but on the blog at Springwise, which likes to collect interesting things. Although I’ll never have need for the app, I do recall what’s it’s like to have snow and ice and the time it takes to dig the car out from underneath it all. This woud be a handy app to have on hand for those who live in chillier climates.

There’s also an optional setting – a checkbox – which you can select that says “don’t bother to wake me if the weather’s too bad. I’ll work on Saturday.” (Or, as is more likely in today’s world, you’ll work from home that same day…just maybe a little later).

The app, released this month, is the creation of the Belgian digital agency Boondoggle, and is available for both on iOS and Android, here on iTunes or here in the Android Market.