Qwiki Moves Headquarters To NYC, Preps Big Update For 2012

Disrupt 2010 winner Qwiki has had quite an interesting year — after they launched in January 2011, they pulled in $9 million in funding and lost co-founder/Google alum Louis Monier.

Now they’re hoping that a change of scenery will do the company well. Founder Doug Imbruce announced on the company’s blog earlier today that they have relocated Qwiki HQ from San Francisco to New York City.

If you missed out previous coverage of Qwiki, here’s a bit of background. Qwiki is a web and mobile application that take search queries and returns pertinent information in a polished visual format, complete with narration. Qwiki’s biggest claim to fame is how it manages to cobble together different forms of media into a cohesive (but not over-blown) presentation, even on super-obscure topics like the awful live-action Gundam movie.

Our own MG Siegler referred to the experience as “a movie highlight reel of Wikipedia pages,” and I can’t think of a better way to visualize the format.

While I’m sure the Qwiki team will have a grand old time at their new digs, they’ll also be working on a updated version of Qwiki that’s slated for release in early 2012. Imbruce doesn’t go into too many specifics, but he notes that the new release will sport a revamped format and publishing tools. His description mentions that the newspapers would find value in their publishing tools, but regular users may also get some use out of them if the company’s Qwiki editor makes an appearance.