Qwiki Embraces HTML5 And Takes The Next Content Step With The Qwiki Editor

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, last year’s winner, Qwiki, took the stage to give an update on their business. We originally noted that they may be the future of information consumption. But that information was largely pre-packaged at the time. Today, they’ve starting to give people the power to make their own Qwikis.

CEO Doug Imbruce announced the Qwiki Editor today. With it, publishers will be able to create their own Qwikis. For example, Imbruce showed off a Qwiki made for this TechCrunch Disrupt. This turns the roughly 3 million reference topics that are on Qwiki now into a possibly limitless experience.

Qwiki is going to start testing this WYSIWYG editor with a limited number of partners. (Imbruce notes that they’ve been pinged by hundreds of publishers). But eventually, the plan is to open it up so anyone can make their own Qwikis. The tool offers a simple drag-and-drop experience.

Imbruce also announced that Qwiki has a new HTML5-based experience on the web. Previously, the experience on the web was Flash-based only. This gives Qwiki even more potential reach in terms of devices. They’re on the web fully now with iOS and Android as well.