Evernote’s Clearly Comes To Firefox

Evernote’s new browser extension called Clearly has arrived on Firefox. The add-on, which offers a better reading experience on the web by removing ads, links, navigational elements and other clutter from websites, was first released for Chrome users back in November.

Now the extension comes to its second platform, along with three built-in themes, and, of course, the ability to clip articles to Evernote for later reading.

Clearly takes on similar products like Readability or Instapaper, but the tie-in to Evernote makes it pretty handy for those who are already dedicated to the Evernote note-taking/clipping service. Once installed, you just click the extension to transform the site into an easy-to-read, ad-free layout. And when clipping an article for later reading, the extension is smart enough to aggregate multi-page articles into one single page.

On Firefox, the extension includes three built in themes (Newsprint, Notable and Nightowl), but if none of those fit your personal preference, you can build your own theme in the app’s settings.

You can grab the new Firefox extension here.