Magisto’s “Magic” Video Editing Tool Coming To iOS (But It’s Not Done Yet)

I don’t often cover announcements that such-and-such application is in the works for iOS, as it tends to be better for everyone if we just wait and cover the actual launch. There’s some confusion surrounding one this morning, though, with a solid number of sites reporting that it’s gone live — when in reality, it’s not scheduled to hit for a few weeks. Figured I’d clear things up.

Magisto, the cloud-based auto-magic video editing tool that raised $5.5m and found a partner in YouTube back in September, began showing off their upcoming iOS app today. It is not, however, available as of yet.

For those who haven’t dabbled with it yet (you can find the web version here), Magisto is actually rather nifty. You upload your clips, give it a soundtrack, pick a title, and Magisto uses a whole bunch of fancy AI to analyze for things like speech, movement, and music beats, and automatically takes a stab at editing it into something worth sharing. It’ll even sync things up with the music and throw in a bunch of fancy transitions, fully convincing your family that you’re the next Roger Deakins.

Here’s a sample of the kind of thing that Magisto throws together:


I’ve been playing with an early build of the iOS app off and on for a few days now. While it definitely needs a bit more love (it’s still a Beta, after all), it does what it promises. You pick your clips (or shoot new ones), and it begins uploading them on the fly. Once you’ve finalized, you’re presented with a status bar indicating how much longer it’ll be until all of the automatic editing magic is done, or you can exit the app and go about your business until the push notification comes in alerting you that your scene is ready.

Alas, the confusion caused by a handful of blogs reporting that it launched today is sending people searching, but it’s not live yet. From what I’m hearing, the company is aiming to submit this week (hopefully before the App Store team goes on vacation early next week), with a launch sometime around CES in early January.