YouTube Integrates Magisto’s “Magical Video Editing” Tool

Yeesh — talk about a grand debut. After just going into public beta and announcing a $5.5 million Series B yesterday, cloud-based video editing service Magisto will later today announce a rather huge new partner: Youtube.

Magisto’s claim to fame is its ease of use; it is, to some extent, editor-less editing. You pick up to 16 videos, select some music, give the end project a title, click a button, and bam! You’ve got a rather slick, smoothly edited video to pass around to friends and family. Sure, no one will mistake it for something pieced together by the late, great Sally Menke — but it’s more than enough to jazz up that vacation footage before shootin’ it off to Grandma.

Beginning this evening, Magisto will be integrated into YouTube as part of their Create page. Youtube added their own fancy video editing tool to the site (with things like video rotation, stabilization, and brightness/color adjustment) just last week — and while this doesn’t replace that, it’s yet another option to help ensure that some percentage of the inimitable mountain of video uploaded to Youtube each day is that much less likely to be completely unedited garbage.

Youtube and Magisto should be announcing the partnership sometime within the next hour.