Knows What You (And Google, And Sony, And…) Have Downloaded

With all this Protect IP/SOPA madness in the works, it’s worth taking a good hard look inward. What have you downloaded? And how much? And worse, what has your little brother downloaded?

One site aims to answer this question for you:

According to ExtremeTech, the site can track the IP addresses of 20 percent of public downloads. Since you’re IP address is publicly visible while using a torrent, the site likely breaks down all of the new torrents to land on The Pirate Bay, and then holds on to the IP addresses it finds.

Right when you first land on the site, you’ll be told whether or not has any dirt on you. From there, you can start searching by IP address, torrent hash, or file name. And what you find may surprise you.

Torrent Freak head honcho Ernesto dug up some pretty hilarious dirt. Apparently employees from Sony, Universal, Google, and Fox have all pirated content like Game of Thrones, The Hangover, and even a copy of Windows 7. (P.S. Ernesto’s search for past indiscretions at BitTorrent’s San Francisco HQ came up empty-handed.)

Since we don’t often memorize our friends’ IP addresses, searching for yourself is really all you can do without some prior planning. However, does provide for the prankster in all of us. Kind of.

The site offers up an embed code for a widget that is meant to “Scare Your Friends” (or so says the tab that said widget is listed under), but it really looks like more of an ad for the site:

Either way, I’ll be sure to keep in my back pocket after seeing what Ernesto came up with. And you should, too. (Did I mention how much we appreciate our tipsters?)