AT&T, T-Mobile Ask To Postpone Court Proceedings To “Evaluate Options” (Update)

And the curve balls keep coming.

On Friday the Department of Justice announced its intentions to postpone its antitrust suit with AT&T and T-Mobile, as the deal they were investigating had been summarily yanked off of the table just a couple weeks earlier. Now AT&T has responded, asking for its own winter recess to “evaluate all options.”

Here’s the statement in full:

AT&T and Deutsche Telekom advised Judge Huvelle this morning that they wish to stay any further Court proceedings until January 18, 2012, to allow the two companies time to evaluate all options. The U.S. Department of Justice joined in the filing.

AT&T is committed to working with Deutsche Telekom to find a solution that is in the best interests of our respective customers, shareholders and employees. We are actively considering whether and how to revise our current transaction to achieve the necessary regulatory approvals so that we can deliver the capacity enhancements and improved customer service that can only be derived from combining our two companies’ wireless assets.

Notice the end there? “AT&T is committed to working with Deutsche Telekom.” And it looks like they’ve let slip the goals of try number two, as well: spectrum and wireless assets.

Who’s ready for round two?

Update: Judge Ellen Huvelle has granted the stay, according to CNN.