LEGO And Minecraft: Made For Each Other

While this can’t be the first time LEGO and indie hit Minecraft have been mentioned in the same breath, I think it’s the first time they’ve really been mixed to this degree. Mojang, the developer of the multi-million-selling mining and adventuring game has put up a project on LEGO’s CUUSOO site, which allows people to submit LEGO projects and get royalties from them if they’re selected for production.

As a player of Minecraft, I can actually see some utility in this, in addition to the fact that it’s just plain cool and a good fit. Minecraft’s blocks are a regular size and these blocks could actually be used to plan out the fabulous palaces and apparati we all have planned for our little worlds. I’d also love a Creeper minifig.

In order for this to be reviewed by LEGO, the design needs 10,000 votes. Right now there are actually two projects, one submitted by Mojang and one by a fan. The former has about 4000 votes and the latter has almost 6000, so they could both use your support if you’re interested in this at all. You can sign in with Facebook or get an account at the site, which is actually quite neat.

Perhaps this was the project Minecraft lead dev Notch was moving on to?