Dragontape launches Socialtape, the Flipboard for videos

Socialtape is an app for iPhone or iPad that shows you videos shared on Facebook and allows you to comment on them. So far so simple.

Here’s the thing. The way we consume video is different from most other other content. Watching single video takes more time than, say, clicking on the image or scanning a shared article. And watching videos in the office can be problematic… However, Socialtape may show a new way forward.

After trying it I found there was three hours of content shared in my social video stream! The first video was a documentary of Steve Jobs working on the NeXT project. Interesting but, that’s heavy-weight content to start with.

Socialtape was created by Dragontape, a company from Hungary. Its main product is a cloud-based tool which allows you to curate video content found on YouTube and Soundcloud. Dragontape has been previously covered by TechCrunch here and here.

The new app for an iPhone or an iPad was released in the App Store yesterday, for free.