Gnip Now Delivers Over 30 Billion Social Data Activities Per Month

Gnip, a provider of social media data to enterprise applications, is now delivering over 30 billion paid social activities per month to its customers. This is the largest number of paid social media activities that have ever been distributed in a 30 day period in Gnip’s history.

For background, Gnip serves as an API hub for social streams, collecting data from services like Twitter, Facebook and other social sources, and pushing it out to other data-consuming applications and Websites. Applications using Gnip’s platform can get public data streams for over 100 feeds and sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Flickr, and now Google+ without ever visiting those sites or accessing their individual APIs. And Gnip also has premium access to the Twitter firehose of data.

For basis of comparison, at the start of 2011, Gnip was delivering 300 million activities per month. By May, that number was up to 3 billion activities per month. And in October, Gnip delivered 30 billion activities. At this rate, Gnip says it will be be delivering 300 billion
activities per month by March of next year.

So what’s causing this increase in demand for social data? Gnip says that more customers are signing up to tap into and mine the social data stream. Second, Gnip says that there is major interest in the premium-access to the Twitter firehose. Hedge funds are using the data stream to drive trading strategies, business intelligence companies layering social data onto their existing structured data sources and more. And more customers are using multiples sources to enrich their product capabilities.

Gnip’s CEO Jud Valeski explains that Gnip will be adding Twitter-like premium data source relationships with other social services in the near future. The company also plans to increase the ability for more complex filtration of social data streams.