Gnip Adds Google+ To Social Media Monitoring Data Stream

Exclusive: Gnip, a provider of social media data to enterprise applications, is announcing today that it will be incorporating data from Google+ into its streams. Gnip will offer a keyword search stream for Google+ that is built on the social platform’s new API.

For background, Gnip serves as an API hub for social streams, collecting data from services like Twitter, Facebook and other social sources, and pushing it out to other data-consuming applications and Websites. Applications using Gnip’s platform can get public data streams for over 100 feeds and sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Flickr, and others without ever visiting those sites or accessing their individual APIs. And Gnip also has premium access to the Twitter firehose of data.

Adding Google+ data to the stream was 100 percent based on demand from clients, says Chris Moody, COO and President of Gnip. “Large companies making business decisions based on social conversations as well as social media monitoring companies have been asking for this as a compliment to other feeds from Facebook and Twitter.

Using the keyword search stream for Google+, customers select relevant terms and phrases that Gnip uses to deliver matching public activity, comments, photos, URL and video data from Google+. Gnip’s Google+ keyword search stream comes with the startup’s standard metadata enrichments including format normalization, deduplication and URL unwinding.

The key takeaway, explains Moody, is that businesses actually want to monitor the Google+ stream. With 40 million users, he says, “it’s a worthwhile source.”