Siri Experiencing Extended Outage

Maybe we need a new website,, because it looks like Siri is experiencing an extended outage, according to several tipsters, tweets, and our own internal tests. When you try to use Siri on the iPhone 4S right now, the usually perky virtual assistant just responds: “Sorry, I am having trouble connecting to the network” and does nothing.

According to iSmashPhone, who spotted this news first, people are beginning to tweet about the Siri outage, but folks seem to be usure as to whether or not they’re the only ones experiencing the issue. It appears that the service, for some at least, has been down for a good part of the day.

Granted, Siri is still a beta product – and this is what happens to beta products – but when Apple promotes Siri as one of the best and OMG-gotta-have-it new features of its latest device through its cloying newTV ads, it’s worth noticing when the service doesn’t quite deliver as promised.!/bigrich0272/status/132152274683297792!/martinbowling/status/132163213868544000!/robertcarlsen/status/132162973585260545!/Gojohnnyboi/status/132158784465416193!/gbailey/status/132154729651384320!/davidfine/status/132143932946653184!/ismashphone/status/132157695418564608!/DevilHate_/status/132181513029693440

Update: Given that we don’t know how long today’s outage will last, I’m going to remove “first” from the headline until we have some hard data on the length.