Personalized News Reader News360 2.0 Arrives On iPhone

News360, the cross-platform news reader, is arriving on the iPhone today in version 2.0, after having been previously available on virtually all other platforms, including Android, the iPad, Windows Phone, the Web and even the BlackBerry PlayBook.

With today’s launch, News360 is also adding support for logins, allowing you to sync your reading trends and behavior, (aka your “interest graph”) across devices. Support for Google+ has been added as well.

For those unfamiliar, News360 is a news reading application with semantic underpinnings that uses smart algorithms to personalize your news reading experience. Upon installation, you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Google Reader and now, Google+, accounts to the service, which helps it determine what sort of things you would find interesting. For casual news consumers, this is an easier way to personalize news as it doesn’t require you painstakingly fill out a list of “categories” you want to follow. Instead, the app makes suggestions, which you can add with a tap.

The app faces fierce competition these days, especially from the likes of Flipboard, Pulse, Evri,, AOL Editions, Zite and dozens of others.  While the underlying technology may be powerful, the app’s design, on the larger screen at least, was not as impressive. On the iPhone, however, the look is more utilitarian in parts, which may actually be a good thing.

The company says that the app will also be included with Google TV in the updates that are rolling out this week. To date, News360 has seen 800,000 downloads across all devices.

Corrected to clarify this is a major update, not a new app. Android was updated too.